Happy Birthday Tiffany!

You never seize to amaze me Tiffany! May you shine even brighter this year! You only have good things coming your way. :) 

Sorry for being MIA. I’ve been vacationing with my family (Aloha from Maui!). But I’ll be back to updating soon since it looks like I have a few things to address. I also want to show my support for Nichkhun who needs it more than ever.

And hello to all my new followers. Glad to see the Khunfany love is spreading! 

"Pretty Little Liars"

I’ve always wondered why Nichkhun tweeted this? It was such a random thing to tweet since I wouldn’t think he has the time to watch a show like Pretty Little Liars so I wonder who got him into it? ;)

Turns out Tiffany is a fan of Pretty Little Liars too. ^^

I wonder what other things these two like to share? ;)

Answering Anon Questions & Remarks

Looks like I have to address a few things YET AGAIN.

Look, you already explained why you do tag your posts on khuntoria tag, and really, I understand it. But if you don’t wanna confusion or people bashing you, you could just create a tag for that, so khuntoria shippers won’t get sad or something (and with reason, because, sorry, but they have). I mean, I’m not trying to be rude and I’m sorry if I am, but it’s just to avoid misunderstandments since you already got yourself in some. I don’t ship any of those, btw, but khunfany is cute ^^ Thanks :D

I’ve seen Khuntorians behave without any care for other ships and fandoms, so why shouldn’t I behave the same way toward them? For instance, they are complaining about me tagging posts in which I discuss Khuntoria by — you guessed it — tagging Khunfany. You can’t have it both ways.


Khuntoria is the best thing in your life? lol I don’t know what to say to you but get help ASAP. Also making empty threats is not cute. Oh well you tried. :)

Yes Khunfany is real! Glad to see someone see things like I do. Khunfany shippers FIGHTING! Ignore the haters because that other ship started from a TV SHOW. haha

Yup one thing I am glad about Khunfany is that they weren’t founded on a TV show but started from a real life friendship.

wait why are khuntorians saying khunfany shippers have no facts? it is a known FACT that tiffany & nichkhun are super close in real life. yet it is NOT A FACT that victoria or nichkhun are even close. victoria herself admitted in an interview that she wasn’t close to him. just look at the amount of bullshit on the “insight” tag over at khuntorialurve. yet khunfany shippers are the wrong ones? lol this is too funny to me.

Victoria actually admitted that she wasn’t close to Nichkhun? I don’t follow Victoria very closely so I’m not completely sure. But I think it was evident enough on Radio Star that she doesn’t have feelings for Nichkhun. It’s pretty funny to me, too :)

ignore songqians & krisvictoria & all the other butthurt khuntorians who are calling foul or blowing up your inbox. y’know they’re tagging snsd, 2pm, f(x), sm, jyp so even non-shippers can partake? thank you for at least not doing that! those khuntorians are always try to spread their posts on EVERY SINGLE TAG i swear. such hypocrites!

Tagging these posts under main fandom tags is inappropriate. But those two individuals could’ve messaged me through my inbox but I guess they were too afraid with how they would defend their argument(s) since Khuntorians have come up with all kinds of ridiculous “evidence” to prove their ship. You can’t put down my way of shipping without putting down your own. It’s hypocritical of them to even make those posts let alone tag them under “Khunfany” since their main complaint was me tagging my posts under “Khuntoria”.

I guess no one knows how to read since that recent khuntoria post was your last correct me if i’m wrong, “this concludes my assessment of what Khuntoria is compared to Khunfany”. And you were responding to khuntorians no less! LOL but I’m glad you put khuntoria out of the way. Those shippers are way too proud and now are angry about Khunfany because they can’t say anything. Good Job! Keep on posting!

YES THANK YOU! NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO READ. I was planning to stop tagging Khuntoria after that post but since so many people are still messaging me about Khuntoria I have no choice but to use the tag again. It’s really funny when you think about it. ^^

Khuntoria fans attacking already… I feel sorry to Victoira to have a fandom like this. They only care about Khuntoria not about her :(

I do wonder if these Khuntorians even like Victoria. The fanwars Khuntorians start and their harassment of Nichkhun and other JYPE artists give Victoria a bad name. I know many JYPE fans dislike her because of Khuntorians. I don’t think that way because I understand the poor girl has no control of them. The average fandomer probably hasn’t realized that the Khuntoria fandom is an exercise in wish fulfillment.

Honestly, at first I was a khunfany and khuntoria shipper. But because of your attitude, I begin to hate khunfany. Can you please stop posting khunfany with khuntoria tags.. we’re asking you nicely. Don’t you know it’s just making alot of people mad, is this what you really want? hurting people

LOL no you are not a Khunfany AND Khuntoria shipper. If you were my evidence wouldn’t hurt your feelings. I think you are just another Khuntorian who is scared of the truth. :3

i hope you know that in radio star Nichkhun was watching the screen/monitor that is showing what is being filmed. Because he could not see her expression well since she was facing the MCs, he was watching the screen. But good job assuming things… Again.

OMG this is the funniest thing I have read so far. Nichkhun was staring at the ceiling monitor so he couldn’t look at Victoria? Except Robert Holley never did that. What proof do you have that a monitor was even up there? No one else was looking at the ceiling. Does Nichkhun have his own personal monitor now? And that doesn’t explain the expression on his face. If you had to watch your loved one’s face through a screen you’d still look concerned and sympathetic. He just looked bored. But I’m surprised you didn’t just say he was “trying to hide his feelings so it’s not obvious that he is in love with Victoria”.

Why are you so obsessed with khuntoria and trying to start a fan war? Khuntorians don’t even care for khunfany until you kept tagging khuntoria in your posts and making mean statements. Feel free to ship whoever you want but you are just trying to stir up shit and that really doesn’t make your fandom look any saner and more ‘believable’

I don’t need to make Khunfany look more believable. Nichkhun and Tiffany are doing all the work for me. ;)

You seem vindictive and try really hard to make your point while trying to bring others down. So don’t be too surprised when the truth might not be what you want. Karma works in special ways ;)

That’s not how karma works, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand the complexity of it. Also calling me vindictive when you’re wishing bad things on me is pretty funny.

And this concludes my answers for now. But a heads up to everyone who is so concerned about my tumblr. Maybe it’s not a good idea to keep messaging me about Khuntoria if you want me to stop bringing it up. I’m only answering your questions at this point. Good luck to you all.

Khunfany wearing the same item again :)

Nichkhun was first seen wearing his bracelet on 06/25/12.

Tiffany was first seen wearing her bracelet on 07/10/12.

I see that a lot of people are trying to discredit Khunfany by saying that lots of Kpop celebrities wear the same things but how many have been seen wearing the same things MULTIPLE TIMES? You can’t tell me that it is merely a coincidence. And I love that other shipper fans are getting pressed over this. Yes please continue hating because it doesn’t change anything.

Thanks for the tip hwanghorvejkul! :)

Regarding New Rumors of Khunfany

I’ve seen some new rumor that has been circulated:

they’re not afraid to show it during rehearsals & backstage even when there are cameras because they know somehow MBC will cut that part for broadcast.

Tiffany is close to Nichkhun’s family. ( this one came from MBC’s staffswho were in charge for the Bangkok concert ) They said that Nichkhun’s parents visited them at hotel & at the concert.

I wouldn’t believe these rumors since they aren’t from a reliable source. In fact any kind of “secret info” wouldn’t make it out in the International fandom. Korean sasaeng fans don’t share their findings with anyone. So, I would think twice before believing any rumor. 

But I do think it’s interesting that someone wanted to spread a rumor about Khunfany since I’m pretty confident that they are a real couple. But believe what you want to believe. Just remember to not bother Nichkhun or Tiffany with it. That’s the one thing Korean fans never do: bother their idols with shipping especially if it involves someone their idol is dating. :)

Anonymous asked : Although I ship other couples, I wouldn't mind these 2 together tho. They're cute together. They both can speak english fluently. Ahh both their english speaking is HOT. I hope you keep it up with more insights.

Yes Khunfany is super compatible and they look amazing together. Definitely a couple well matched. :)

I’ll keep sharing the Khunfany love but I’m not always afforded a lot of free time because I lead a busy life. 

Thank you!

Anonymous asked : are you crazy?? khuntoria wear REAL couple item even the same rings. stop don't ignore how nichkhun loves victoria. they are a real couple since the beginning.

Real couple items? You mean the stuff Khuntoria fans bought them which are actually fan gifts? Those are not couple items. Nichkhun was seen wearing things that were meant for Victoria to own so he chooses whatever he wants to wear when it comes to those gifts. Also those infamous bvlgari rings were worn by other people too. Kyuhyun in particular owns the same silver bvlgari ring as Victoria’s so I don’t see how it’s meant to be “Khuntoria ring”. You might as well call them Kyutoria rings. ;)

And how is Khuntoria real since the beginning? You mean when Nichkhun & Victoria first joined WGM? lol you do realize Nichkhun was originally suppose to be married to Eunjung from T-ara right? WGM changed her out at the last minute due to schedule conflicts. Nichkhun bought a tiara (same way T-ara is pronounced) that was meant for Eunjung because that’s who he thought his wife would be. That’s why during the show they never brought the tiara back. And you must be deluded to think WGM isn’t scripted. The dialogue might not be fully scripted by they are improv acting on a script.

Nichkhun loves Victoria? You mean pretended to be in love so all the fans who watch the show can be happy? Nichkhun cares about pleasing his fans even Khuntorians (although they cause him a lot of problems *cough* wax figure mishap *cough*) so I don’t doubt that he was kind to Khuntorians and tried not to burst their bubble. 

But now that WGM is over, Nichkhun doesn’t have to go above and beyond to please his Khuntorian fans. Take the recent Radio Star appearance for example. This was considered to be “Khuntoria’s reunion” to many fans since Victoria also appeared on the show. Although MBC encouraged the two to behave like a couple by the graphics, questions, and topics neither Victoria nor Nichkhun wanted to behave like that anymore. Instead Nichkhun showed no interest in Victoria (except during gag moments) and Victoria only treated Nichkhun like he was an acquaintance she worked with.

The most obvious example of Nichkhun’s disinterest was when Victoria was discussing how she dealt with homesickness. 


Victoria is talking about something that made her cry and was important to her but Nichkhun isn’t paying attention and would rather look up at the ceiling. 


Watch for yourself (link).


Here is how Kyuhyun reacts to Victoria’s story. He is clearly sad about her experience and even went as far to call the MCs mean for trying to make her cry.

So how is Khuntoria suppose to be a couple in love or even friends? Nichkhun and Victoria were very awkward on this show. When Victoria was asked “What does Nichkhun mean to her?” she replied with “Nichkhun is someone in the same situation as her since they are foreigners in Korea”. There really isn’t anything between them. They’re just two people who did a TV show together at this point.

In all the years I’ve been a fan of Nichkhun I’ve never seen him behave like this on a show. His idol image is one of a Prince that is suppose to be a gentlemen to all girls but he can’t hide that he has no real interest in Victoria. All I know is Nichkhun would never behave like this with Tiffany.

And this concludes my assessment of what Khuntoria is compared to Khunfany. I think have proven my point now. :)

hottestfly asked : can u please stop tagging khunfany post on the khuntoria tag???

Coming from a person who seems to be obsessed with putting Khunfany down? No I think you enjoy my posts. And khuntorians/other shipper fans seem to have no problem openly bashing on both tags, having reaction posts, and trying to bring up irrelevant topics to put Khunfany down. But you should be thankful that I’m keeping the tag alive and not full of the same old posts.

Anonymous asked : This might come off as rude but I don't mean it that way. But can you not tag Khunfany stuff in Khuntoria's tag? I understand that you like KhunFany, and that is fully up to you, but I'd appreciate it if you just don't mix it with other tags if it doesn't truly relate. ^^

If you haven’t noticed I’m comparing both Khunfany & Khuntoria. I want to get this out of the way so I don’t have to deal with Khuntorians in the future. But by all means if you don’t like it you can block me, ignore & scroll or even better come up with reasons why I’m not right in my assessment. And it does relate because as I’ve stated in my intro post “I want to dismiss any false rumors circling around Nichkhun & Tiffany when it comes to other people so be warned if you aren’t a Khunfany shipper.” :)

Khunfany wearing the same items :)

Couples tend to wear the same times to show off their bond. Khunfany is no exception. They share A LOT of items which is not normal for casual friends. But the biggest giveaway is WHEN they started wearing most of these items.

Same Tiffany & Co’s couple necklace. Before Nichkhun joined WGM. ;)

Same cellphone charm. Even after Nichkhun was filming WGM. He still share same item with Tiffany.

Same couple bracelet!! I think this is the biggest giveaway since they have worn it on several occasions. I like that the bracelet is small & discrete so it’s not meant to catch a lot of attention. Which is important to not make their relationship obvious. Most people wouldn’t suspect a tiny bracelet. ;)

Just in time for the holidays I see. ^^

Same shoes are various airports. And seeing how much airport fashion gets noted it’s no wonder they like to wear the same item. ^^

Same sunglasses.

Same hollow rimmed black glasses. Not prescription glasses. ;)

Same watch.

Same line of clothing

Couple Ipad cases! Going strong even in 2012.

Interesting that the characters on the ipad case resemble them so closely. ^^

Glasses couple!

Same cellphone couple stickers. Only from last month. OMO!

I don’t think any of these are merely coincidence. They’ve been using the same items again & again. No casual friends would do this. It looks like they influence each other’s style too. Owning the same personal items reminds them of one another. And considering how busy these two are and it must be important to have belongings that remind them of each other. And since they have no language barrier and both are fluent in english & korean they wouldn’t have any problems with communicating unlike some other pairing who shall remain nameless. Khunfany is the best. :)